Program #1 – 11/4/16 2pm

Alessio De Marchi
Griffin Metals, 2015
2:12, Color, Video, ITALY whatweeeareweeecutterants2015

WHAT WEEE ARE is an ongoing multifaceted sociocultural multimedia project searching the deeper meanings of the world. A quest through waste and feelings and the richness of the earth, trying to untangle the intricacy of human, so called, society.


My Typewriter                           my-typwriter-swift
Matt Swift, 2014
1:44, Color, Video, USA

My Typewriter explores the anxiety of a new creative technology and the pitfalls that occur when creativity becomes too easy and possibly leads to the need for other vices. Based on Edward Dyson’s 1917 poem My Typewriter connects to an age where typewriters created the same anxieties we have in the 21st century with our dependence on computers.

El MaThe Machinator.pngquinador (The Machinator)
Pablo Latorre, 2015
10:00, Color, Video, ARGENTINA

The love story of John, a young inventor of tin robots, and Anna, a beautiful girl selling paper cranes for her father.



Baby by Anna of the North

David Marques, 2016
3:27, Color, Video, NORWAY

Baby is a music video for Anna of the North.


The Cocoon
Hanif Moosavi,
13:41, Color, Video, IRAN

The Cocoon is a claustrophobic tale of an employee trapped inside the vault of the bank where he works. Moosavi’s debut film. -DK


Brian Cheng, 2016
3:29, Color, Video, USA

BANANA is a student film about a friendship about to be disrupted through a conversation that involves bananas and Quentin Tarantino.

獨自欣賞美麗 (The Beauty of Being Alone)
WAN-LIN Chuang, 2015Beauty of Being Alone.png
5:21, Color, Video, TAIWAN

The Beauty of Being Alone is explores the desire to hold something you can’t – for that reason that I would rather cheat on you than watch you live unhappy. – WLC



Greek Skies
Panagiotis Filippou, 2015
6:16, Color, Video, GREECE

365 Days, 55.000 Photos, 825 hours shooting photos, 8400km, 650 hours of editing dedicated to my dear dad Konstantinos who wasn’t given a fair chance to fight against cancer. – PF

41st Parallel 41st_parallel.png
Davide Dapporto, 2014
24.21, Color, Video, ITALY

It’s a day like any other in Naples but soon an event, that is destined to remain ingrained forever in our collective unconscious, will burst. Everyone is immersed in their daily chores, until the distant tragedy slips into everyone’s life with different outcomes.


Robert Lyons, 2015
2:14, Color, Animation, USA

Abstract, hand painted cinema (or cameraless animation) combining 16, 35, & 70mm film elements including found footage, custom digitized using an invented process in my home studio. Edited to “Jungelaya” by Los Straightjackets, this film is designed to make your eyes dance.

Outside your Window outside_your_window
Paul Cavallo, 2014
4:00, Color, Video, AUSTRALIA

As Claire gets home and gets ready for bed, she is being watched by a true monster…



Outlangish- Skateboarding Age outlangish_7_
Tim Drabrant, 2015
8:38, Color, Video, SOUTH AFRICA

Outlangish is a South African social project that offers kids from disadvantaged areas in Cape Town an alternative to life on the streets through skateboarding. The sport of skating gives them the opportunity to learn a lot about themselves and their environment. It unifies young people and will keep them in positive spirits.

Confession confession_dl
Matthew C. Ryan, 2016
7:02, B&W, Video, USA

Will he sing or won’t he? Two cops interrogate a perp in an attempt to force a confession.




Benham Deldaheh, 2016
1:40, Animation, IRAN

Allowing us to see ourselves




Home Truths

Lester Clayton, 2016
4:13, B&W, Video, UK

Home Truths is a Music Video by UK artist Lester Clayton discussing social politics and racism and the fear of change.