Program #3 – 11/5/16 2pm


Daniel Hernández Torrado 2016online-tufff
0:30, Color, Video, SPAIN

Life goes by so fast when you’re ahead in front of the screen, this is the story of an ordinary man abducted by technology.

As Not to Die When Our Eyes Meet
Alicia Albares, 2015
14:48, Color, Video, SPAINas-not-to-die

One night, when Mark and Clara ,a couple that is not going through a good time, get ready to have dinner when a blackout lefts without electricity the city of Madrid.

Tears in Rain
Jeroen Cluckers, 2015
2:17, Color, Video, BELGIUMtears_in_rain_03

A visual poem, trying to capture the poetics of a cinematic rain shower into the structure of its images. ‘Tears in Rain’ combines the techniques of datamoshing and slitscanning, injecting noise into the images of the 1982 science fiction classic ‘Blade Runner’, so that they mutate into a new visual poem.

Dream of Spiderdream_of_spider
Ario Saffarzadegan, 2015
1:23, Color, Animation, IRAN
Spiders can have dreams as well. – DK

Summertime of Broken Heartssummertime-of-broken-hearts
Mikaela Argüello, 2016
1:33, Color, Video, ECUADOR

New Year’s Eve, 2013 – Full of fun and fireworks. Music by Sarh.

Proposition dans le café françaisscreen_shot_2016-05-26_at_7-14-14_pm
Won Bin Lee, 2016
1:22, Color, Video, USA

Parfois, un titre est exactement ce qu’il dit qu’il est. Que peut-on faire, mais juste rester là.

Jumpin’ Jack
Grant Whitsitt, 2016
3:23, Color, Animation, USA

Jazz Age inspired, animated music video about a short kid in a tall world who finds a way of measuring up on his own.

Pee Wee’s Psychedelic Adventure
Robert Lyons, 2013
4:40, Color, Video, USA

Through the magical combination of music, cameraless animation, and a digital transfer of scratched, painted, dyed, and drawn on film stock, Pee Wee Herman & Cowboy Curtis (Laurence Fishburne) are transported beyond the fourth wall on a psychedelic adventure at Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Lana Bregar, 2015
1:56, Color, Animation, SLOVENIA

Gregor Samsa is a travelling salesman, a lone individual, excluded from society and family, which we feel in his monologue. While Gregor is actually transforming into a bug and when experiencing his nightmare, he alienates from himself, as time flies while watching the world through the window, which is his peace and security.

Cable Hardin, 2016
1:00, Color, Animation, USA

They’re everywhere and often times hard to get rid of.

The Last Satisfaction
@Oliver Ziegler, 2015
13:30, Color, Video, GERMANY

Here and now is never enough, that men will always strive for what they don’t have.

Full color
Ario Saffarzadegan, 2016
0:48, Color, Animation, IRAN


Seed of a Nation
Jyotsna Puthran, 2015
2:05, Color, Animation, INDIA

Seeds, stop-motion, time lapse and visual effects. Pulses and grams and sprouts in motion.

Polina Bogdanova, 2016

Even if you think that you and they are still close to each other, the truth is that you live in different worlds that never meet and never be understood.

Posthumous Fame
K8 Howl, 2016
2:16, Color, Video, USA

A silent film persona confronts internet culture and tension between the digital and physical world. Conflicted about whether he is reaching people, he attempts to cross over.

À Votre Goût
Lauren Flinner, 2015
1:15, Color, Animation, USA

Fruits and vegetables are given the movements and personalities of animals. The cook interrupts. Consumption, to your liking.

The Belief
Amir Vahedi, 2015
2:30, Color, Video, IRAN

The boots get ready to fight, but then, they enter the battlefield and discover what fighting is like for boots on the ground.

Sean Breathnach, 2014
3:08, Color, Video, IRELAND

There is nothing more important in life than happiness.

Janice and the Golden Fleece
Elizabeth Schlitt, 2016
3:15, Color, Video, USA

Janice is a peasant on a journey to take back the golden fleece to save the world.

Villa Mnemosine
Luis Espinosa, 2016
16:11, Color, Video, SPAIN

Auguste lives alone and every day is concerned over some phenomena that occur in its increasingly more strange house.